Moving beyond workouts to evidence based wellness.

I help women and men who struggle with chronic dieting bring their body into balance by transforming their relationship with food.

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A dance workout, combining all elements of fitness cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. We own the dance floor while alternating between low and high-intensity moves set to rhythms such as Hip-hop, Soca, Cumbia, Dancehall, Merengue and much more.


A low-impact cardio workout on a stationary exercise bike. We pedal through various drills such as climbs, jumps and sprints to improve muscle endurance and strength. Each songs will motivate you to break away from your comfort zone and ride.



I am Tonya, a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, fitness enthusiast and dog mom. Like many, I struggled for years with shedding excess body weight. I tried several popular diet trends that were not sustainable and also caused me to have an unhealthy relationship with food. I wanted to enjoy life, be well and not always stress over what to eat. My journey to wellness began after I took my first Zumba class and fell in love with the Zumba format.

In 2010, I became a licensed instructor and began teaching various group classes. Connecting with my class participants, listening to their stories, as well as my own battle with wellness lead me to create an inclusive program to help others who struggle with chronic dieting transform their relationship with food. I believe a holistic lifestyle is essential for overall wellbeing. I am most passionate about healthy meal planning, fitness training and lifestyle illness prevention. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Tonya Rounds Ed.D, HHP, CPT


Prior to working with Jared on nutrition and health, I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but unfortunately I felt like I was just spinning in terms of my goals and not getting anywhere I wanted to. Once working with Jared, I quickly learned that everything I thought I knew about nutrition was kind of the opposite and absolutely wrong. Having given Jared my total devotion and a tremendous amount of blind faith and just trust putting my health in his hands. After completing my work with him I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, I’m eating fantastic, I feel great, my energy levels are awesome, my strength keeps increasing, and I'm hitting all of my goals. I cannot recommend Jared high enough, he is literally one of the best in his field in the country. I’ve double checked for my own personal satisfaction the teachings that he was giving to me and every single person said, ‘your nutritionist was 100% straight on this guy knows what he’s doing’. So please add me to the list of people who will say that about Jared, his knowledge and expertise. Thank you.


I met Jared grieving the losses of my brother and father and then in the wake of that, I got into a very very bad car accident that killed a dear friend of mine and left me relearning to walk. My hip was fractured, I had chronic pain throughout my body and a brain injury. I was told to get many surgeries that didn’t make sense to me, fusing parts of my body together, cutting parts out of my body. I came to Jared and just told him it didn’t make sense to me and I believed in the work that he did. He educated me and empowered me, we worked on my nutrition and just everything that was and wasn’t surviving me. Two years later, no surgeries, I’m sprinting – thank you Jared you’re the best, honestly, thank you so much.


February 2022 I took part in Jared's 5 Day Reset. I went into it thinking I would gain a little information on nutrition, I got so much more. He had such a great uplifting attitude and freely shared so much helpful knowledge on your overall health. How to support your nervous system with breathwork, movement practices that don't put strain on your body and a way of eating that nourishes and supports your body, learning about the importance of how to listen to what your body needs. The 5 days were definitely so helpful to start incorporating all Jared's teachings into your daily life straight away. I have found it so beneficial and already feel like I'm gaining more energy and carrying less stress. I definitely recommend taking part in Jared's 5 Day Reset!


I love everything about this Zumba Class, from the dance moves to the instructor, she is a very nice and sweet person!! Treats you like family!! 😊😊😊

One of the best Zumba classes in town!  And LaTonya has proven to be one of the best instructors!  Her smile is contagious and so encouraging for a workout that is sure to make you sweat and lose those calories and eventually those sizes!  You will not be disappointed if you joined us!

Dr. Rounds is an AWESOME JOYFUL Instructor. This is my third week and I love the class. I am a beginner Zumba student! Come join the FUN and loose weight, tone your body and look GREAT! And FEEL Good about YOU! Take Care Of YOU!! SELF CARE🙏🏽😇

I just attended my first Zumba! A great workout from the comfort of home. The virtual class had similar energy of an in person class. It was awesome! My first but not my last!

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